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Together we can build a stronger, more sustainable, successful sector

Our ambition over the next decade is for Scottish food and drink to continue to be a powerhouse of our economy while staying firmly ahead of our competitors. To be a world leader in sustainable food production, to build our reputation as a world-class producer and, above all, to grow – profitably and responsibly. 

That goal begins by ensuring all our members have access to the people and insights their products need to be successful. 

How we help your business 

A connected long-term strategy geared to supporting our members and the industry is crucial. But we know every business is at a different stage of their recovery or growth journey after the challenges of recent years. That’s why our support is flexible and wide-ranging, and designed to cater for every level and every business. 

Discover how we can help your business

We will give your business access to the people and insights you need to drive success.

Driving growth for our food and drink industry 

Pooling together a network of skills, specialists and resources, we effectively build the foundations to fuel growth, improve stability and increase profitability.

No matter how new or small a business might be, we can provide you with the latest and most relevant insights and trends, facilitate new and lucrative commercial opportunities, develop commercial skills, and create an operating environment that fosters growth. 

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Our policy work is dedicated to helping food and drink businesses in Scotland, with two key aims. Firstly, to understand what our members and those across the industry need to achieve responsible growth. Secondly, to work constructively with decision makers across the food and drink landscape, including UK and Scottish Governments, to meet those needs

Our policy work

Supply Chain

We can help your business to save money on distribution, energy, packaging, technical and utilities. That's because of our extensive network of partner organisations and affiliate members, each one offering their own specialist expertise.

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Digital & technology

We harness the power of digital innovation and develop operational excellence to support businesses in becoming more productive, more competitive, better placed to cut emissions, and less vulnerable to labour shortages. 

Future-proofed businesses for a brighter future for all.

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Skilled workforce

We are working to position food and drink as an industry of choice, to support the attraction and retention of talent. This remains one of the industry's biggest challenges but we are building a compelling proposition of the diverse range of jobs and careers available within the industry. Through this initiative, we can ensure a talent pipeline of new recruits for your business.

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Net zero & the environment

We announced our Net Zero Commitment in November 2021 as COP26 put Scotland on the sustainability map. The Commitment details the organisation and our partners’ commitments to meeting the Scottish Government’s net zero targets by 2045.

The Net Zero Commitment programme will deliver targeted interventions to help the industry collectively meet these commitments. The programme is here to provide leadership, advice and practical support to food and drink businesses, wherever you are on your Net Zero journey.

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As you know, the past few years market changes, increased operating costs and decreased profit margins have created a perfect storm of financial challenges.  

It is essential to look for solutions that provide businesses with more access to working and investment capital to empower them to make those necessary investments in the future. We're here to help you uncover funding available to you and your business. 

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Insight & Intelligence

Looking to understand your customer base more? What markets you should expand into next? How to position your brand and engage with buyers? The Academy and The Knowledge Bank programmes and services will give you the insight and intelligence needed.

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Make the most of a wide range of resources to help your business succeed 

We have an extensive library of easy to use assets and toolkits to help get your business growing.

Ways to get involved

Give your business the competitive edge with Scotland Food & Drink 

From events to membership, there are plenty of ways we can help your business to take the next step.

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