Scotland Food & Drink Partnership: Our Net Zero Commitment

We announced our Net Zero Commitment in November 2021 as COP26 put Scotland on the sustainability map. This commitment sets out how our industry will meet targets by addressing the challenges and opportunities offered throughout the food and drink supply chain by a just transition to Net Zero by 2045.

We are here to build on the efforts already taken to maintain our high environmental standards and provide leadership, advice and practical support to food and drink businesses, wherever they are on their Net Zero journey.

Greening your business

Looking for ways to lower your overhead costs? Committing to going greener can help improve your processes, increase efficiency and win new customers. The Greening Your Business toolkit is packed with energy-saving tips to help manufacturers and producers save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Our sustainability case studies

The market for sustainable produce is significant. It’s all about being in the best position to capture those opportunities. Many of our food and drink businesses already have done. 

Food and Drink Federation Support

The Strategic Net Zero Response Programme is providing advice and practical support to the Scottish food and drink industry on its journey to net zero. 

Food and Drink Federation Scotland is hosting this programme on behalf of the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership. This is part of partnership's Net Zero Commitment to ensure we can deliver net zero food and drink products on our supermarket shelves by 2045. 

Funding support available

Business Energy Scotland

Offering loans to SMEs at 0% interest over 8-years for up to £100k with up to £20k back for energy efficiency and renewable investment. 

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Scottish Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (SIETF)

focussing on industrial decarbonisation and likely to be most relevant to larger businesses.

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The Low Carbon Manufacturing Challenge (LCMCF)

The LCMCF supports projects that will speed up the transition to a low carbon economy in the manufacturing industry. Grants with a minimum value of £150,000 are available. We suggest contacting them directly to assess your eligibility.

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This booklet from Department of Energy & Climate Change offers advice to SMEs about energy reduction.

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Social Enterprise Scotland

produced this webinar about reducing energy costs in businesses.

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The Knowledge Bank

This comprehensive insight service gives you access to a unique and effective blend of customised market research, data analysis and consumer insights.  

Find out how your target audience feel about net zero, what your competitors are doing to achieve net zero and how you can work with your supply chain to improve your environmental impact.  

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