A diverse and thriving industry

Food and drink is one of the largest industry sectors in Scotland

Our food and drink sector has come a long way. Over the last 10 years, food exports have more than doubled and our industry is one of the best performing sectors of the economy.

The statistics are astounding. Food and drink is now Scotland's biggest employer and the industry is worth a mighty £15 billion. And we’re only just getting started. Food and drink business of all shapes and sizes are adding their weight to the cause and boosting our momentum. Every single day more and more Scottish produce is finding a place on supermarket shelves and restaurant menus across the world.


Increase in food exports in the last 10 years


Increase in sales of Scottish brands in the UK


is the value of the food and drink industry

Sustaining Scotland. Supplying the world.

A strategy for Scotland’s food and drink industry

Our industry is bursting with tenacious producers, a dynamic support network, and a world-class research base – all working together to grow the sector.

The Scotland Food & Drink Partnership work as one to deliver our industry strategy. With an unwavering focus on profitable and sustainable growth, we are here to help everyone in our industry.

Our vision

For Scotland to be the best place in the world to own, operate and work for a food and drink business. To be renowned as a world leader in sustainable production and responsible growth. And to be a country where resilient businesses can prosper across the entire supply chain.


We will build a resilient and dynamic industry that can better withstand and respond to market volatility, economic shocks, and supply chain disruption.


We will build our brand, capability and market activity so we can sell more food and drink into the right markets at home and across the world.


We will build the capability and credentials of the industry, so it can embrace and benefit from the journey to net zero and having world-class environmental credentials.

Our role

Strengthening reputations, developing growth, broadening networks.



We are here to nurture, support and champion the people and products of Scotland’s food and drink industry to help deliver continued and growing success. To guide our members to realise untapped potential, unlock new markets and maximise opportunities.

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