Our role

Together we can build a stronger, more sustainable and successful industry.

We help you open doors, access markets and maximise opportunities

We are here to nurture, support and champion the people and products of Scotland’s food and drink industry to help deliver continued and growing success and enhance Scotland’s global reputation.  

We perform that task in two ways. One, we are a membership organisation with over 450 businesses to engage with and encourage; two, we lead the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership, a collaborative alliance of key industry organisations and public sector agencies.

About us

Strengthening reputations, developing growth, broadening networks. 

Led by the industry, supported by the Government and responsible to work across the whole Scottish food and drink sector, we bring everyone together to deliver a common and shared vision of greater success for all.  

We are here to guide our members to realise untapped potential, to unlock new markets and maximise opportunities, and to speak on behalf of the industry in the corridors of power. Scotland Food & Drink is the only body of its kind in the world with such a remit. 

Our partners

The Scotland Food & Drink Partnership 

For over 15 years the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership has brought together industry, government and its agencies for the benefit of Scotland’s agriculture, aquaculture, fishing and food and drink industry. 

Our industry strategy

Sustaining Scotland. Supplying the world.

As the leader of the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership, we are here to help the sector stabilise, build and grow and we are responsible for the delivery of the industry strategy. The industry strategy – a product of a collaborative working approach across the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership - outlines how we will help our sector achieve its commercial ambitions, unearth new opportunities, access new markets and maximise potential.

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